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Фирма Derwent является мировым лидером в производстве патентных и научно-технических БД. БД WPI (World Patent index) содержит документы по фармацевтике с 1963 года, сельскому хозяйству и ветеринарии с 1965 года, пестицидам и пластмассам с 1966 года, химии с 1970 года и по всем остальным отраслям с 1974 года. В БД представлены патенты и заявки 40 стран мира.

Информацию о Базе данных Derwent в Internet и новых продуктах Derwent читайте на нашем сайте в разделе "Новости". 

Derwent World Patents Index (DWPISM) is the most comprehensive database of value-added patent documents published in the world. Whether you are interested in patents for their technical content, for business planning and development, or for protecting the innovations within your own organization - Derwent World Patents Index will give you the most complete picture possible.

  • 1.5 million patent documents added into the database each year from 41 patent-issuing authorities
  • Team of 350 specialist editors assess, classify and index these documents to provide concise English language abstracts, which are readily searched and easily understood
  • As of October 2006, the database contains 14.85 million records covering 31.66 million patent documents



Patents are an important source of technical and scientific information, enabling your company to:

  • Avoid duplication of effort - effective surveying of the state of the art will ensure that a company's project does not duplicate work already carried out on the same subject. It is estimated that 30% of R&D expenditure is wasted in this way - the vast majority of which could have easily been avoided.
  • Survey the state of the art - before commencing a research and development (R&D) project an effective study of the state of the art (the current level of technological development in the project area) is essential. Regular monitoring of the state of the art can also inspire new ideas and promote innovative solutions to existing problems.
  • Trace the development of technology - by studying past trends, and the current state of play regarding the area of technological interest to the company, it is possible to predict the path down which technology is moving and make sure that your company is also moving in the right direction.
  • Find solutions to technical problems - up to 85% of all patents are no longer in force, and the information they contain is freely available for companies to utilise in solving technical research problems.
  • Keep abreast of licensing opportunities - many companies have patents in force which they are under-utilising, and may welcome the opportunity to work with a partner company to commercialise an invention they have previously been unable to exploit. If a company holds patents in your technology area, and yet does not seem to have any corresponding commercialised products, your company may be in a position to offer to manufacture their patented invention under licence.

Patents are also a very useful source of business information, enabling your company to:

  • Identify competitors and monitor their activities - since patents cannot be anonymous, they are useful for accurately analysing the changing research and development interests of your company's competitors.
  • Assess the strength of other companies - the volume of patents that a company publishes normally relates to the amount of money they are investing in R&D. During hard times companies often cut back on R&D, and consequently the number of patent applications they produce will decline. Also, if a company is moving from one area of technology to another then the patent volumes in one area will decrease, whilst they increase in another area.
  • Headhunt the experts - the authors are normally identified on patent documents, and authors with the greatest number of patents in a given area are often the experts in the field. This information can be used to identify and recruit key people that you want to have in your R&D team. It also helps identify key people who have moved from one company to another.
  • Make sure no one is infringing your patents - regular monitoring of your competitor's activities in the technical subject areas of your patented intellectual property is of crucial importance. There is no independent body actively seeking out infringers of your patent rights. It is up to you to ensure that no one is using your technology without your legal consent. Regular use of Derwent World Patents Index helps achieve this.